15 Minutes with…Wil Heuser

Wil Heuser//Marketing Consultant//TV Personality//Entertainer//Hijinks Genius

Well, well, well –  if it isn’t one of 15 Ounce‘s favorite characters, Wil (with one L) Heuser of CBS’s Big Brother (current season 14)!  You may know Wil from The Wil Show, where he entertains us with an arsenal of videos,  including a hysterical in-progress trilogy spoof of Big Brother.  Or, you may recognize him from working the pages of our Strut Your Stuff Spotlight in a little black dress earlier this year.  Or maybe you caught his Red Carpet Review during Kentucky Derby 138 back in May.  (I had the pleasure of “working” that event with Wil and had nothing short of a blast! I should spend more work days like that.)

2012 Julep Ball
Photo courtesy of Bill Wine for The Voice Tribune

Wil popped into 15 Ounce this week before he returns to New York for the Big Brother 14 season finale (airing on CBS Wednesday,  9/18) to have coffee, catch up, and goof off with me.  You can learn a few things from Wil in 15 minutes about older women, his love of Louisville, and leather pants…


15 Ounce: Who is your celebrity style crush?

Wil: Ummmmm….Betty White!  She’s kind of like the little black dress…never goes out of style!

Speaking of LBDs, whose were you wearing when we spotted you in one this Spring at “Sushi in the City” for the Family Scholar House?

It was my mother, Peggy’s. She always has the best style.

Also this Spring, we worked together at a Kentucky Derby event. I know you love Louisville intensely; what do you love most about Derby?

I love that our city gets to show itself off during Derby season.  Louisville gets to show the rest of the world some of what makes it so special…why I love it.   And also the sheer pageantry.  I do love the pageantry!

You’ve been spotted countless times wearing nipple-revealing tanks and tops.  For the record; what do you have against sleeves?

I think it’s an obscene waste of fabric!  There are children in third world countries who could use that fabric…somehow.  I’m just doing my part to save the world.

You just got back from New York Fashion Week, where I hear you ran into New York Real Housewife, Countess Luann de Lesseps, who is the honoree of your video spoof of Chic, C’est La Vie.  Was she mad?

No.  She was absolutely lovely.  Completley down to earth.  Gorgeous.  And maybe just a little bit tipsy.  (But not as tipsy as me.)

Alright, let’s do some one line tidbits: What’s on your iPod right now?  What are you listening to lately?

Shania Twain and James Taylor lately.

With your wine: cheese or chocolate?

Cheeeeeese. I love it. Plus you are what you eat!

What’s the last thing you bought to wear that you regret?

More leather pants. One pair is enough. Two is a mistake.

You’re stranded on an island with only one outfit.  What is it?

The shortest shorts I can find and a diamond tennis bracelet.

Where should we watch for you next?

Always at The Wil Show and I’m considering all offers. I’ll keep you posted. The world is my oyster and I’m gonna shuck it baby!

We have no doubts, Wil.